Who we are

MERAJ is the manufacturer, OEM and supplier of Special application truck bodies, pump and Equipment with factories and offices in Pakistan and UAE. Meraj was formed in 1976 in Karachi, Pakistan and started its operation in 1978. Early model was delivered to Karachi City Fire Department and Karachi City Port Authorities.

In 1983 we got the Major Breakthrough when we got the order for Prototype against Rosenbauer Fire Tender TLF-4000 from Pakistan Army.

After Successful Induction in Army, We got the order from Navy and in 1991 we got the Crash Tender Orders from Pakistan Air Force.

Now we are the market leader with major market share in Pakistan

We exported our first fire tender in 1994 with an order from Bangladesh Armed Forces. In 2010 we formed our Export Office with 100% Ownership for Export Business Right now our Product is successfully running in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Oman & Saudi Arabia.

All Meraj manufactured vehicles meets the highest international standards such as NFPA,ICAO,BSS & EN.

Meraj has experience and skill to utilize all type of Japanese, European and American chassis, based on customer requirements.

Over the year Meraj has designed and built various type of Fire Fighting vehicles, Municipal vehicles, Cranes, Access Platforms, Fueller, Refueller and Pumps for fixed installations.